Jet Ski

In the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa, as if no end, this one looks like a game you must enjoy, jetski game is a very fun game good for your kids or for those who've grown. Calm sea conditions and little waves, it makes this sport so exciting and attractive to foreign and domestic tourists who visited Tanjung Benoa. Stepping up jetski with a capacity of up to 400 cc engine made ​​in the surface of the water can go up to 200km / h, while occasionally trying brunt of the waves, of the sensation is very interesting.

Before boarding and riding the jetski, because the water is very dense traffic with watersport attractions, you will be given guidance by instructors who are experienced reliable, so avoid collisions with other players, easy operation, just like riding a regular motorcycle , which is different from just driving it on the surface of the water with a live jacket, with a jetski engine conditions that are routinely checked by a guide anyway, certainly not doubt its safety.

Riding a jetski for 15 minutes with a guide, with your initial position and rode until you are ready and know the terrain, the position turned you into the driver and guide who rode, wow cool indeed, capturing memories and makes an interesting tourist valuable experience during the holidays Bali. Do not delay .... good luck!!!