Kecak Dance

Watch the most popular dance in Bali with sun set background Uluwatu charming? Want to know the most watched show in Bali? It's all in the Kecak Dance, Uluwatu. Special!

Enjoy the Kecak dance at Uluwatu is a very unusual experience. In Bali there are actually a few places Kecak performances, but nothing as good as that in Uluwatu.
Uluwatu offers amazing natural scenery. Temple that stands firmly in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the gusts have a very nice view of the sunset.
Happens to enjoy the Kecak Dance in the middle atmosphere of the sunset and the sea breeze was a phenomenal experience. Powered by setting places a higher audience and circular, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery. This is the atmosphere that can ONLY be obtained at Uluwatu.

Ticket Prices
- USD 10/person

- It includes watching Kecak dance performance during 1 hour
- Minimum booking for 2 people
- 3 days in advance or booking is subject to availability.
** Due to limited number of tickets, please buy a ticket online first, to make sure to get tickets at the site