When you return to the hotel or back home after playing water sports in Bali with us without enjoying spa treatments.
Your body is tired, your muscles will cramp, what else after protecting the skin with sun block for playing in the sun, will leave stains and dirt on your body and skin color becomes dull. Of course, all this needs to be refreshed again so that the body was shining fresh, clean and natural.
We offer package Bali Spa Treatment:

     *Bali Spa Package
Pamper yourself during a holiday in Bali to enjoy a spa treatment for 2 hours to wash the feet which consists of interest and washed with saline so that the skin of your feet smooth and not cracked. Massage to loosen stiff muscles and increase blood flow and relieve fatigue and stress. Scrub to remove stains and dirt to keep the skin clean. Body Milk is milk bath to keep the skin clean, radiant and smooth. Flowers or flower bath body bath so fragrant and fresh. Topped with ginger tea body feels so warm and fresh.
  *2 hours SPA packages

     - Aromatic foot wash
     - Traditional balinese massage (1 hour )
     - Original Scrub
     - Yoghurt body polish
     - Flower bath & body glow
     - Hand & body lotion
     - Ginger tea