Ayung River located on the west side of the Village area of ​​Ubud, Gianyar or east village Canangsari, Petang, Badung regency. Ayung River became famous for in the path of the river, now has developed an adventurous rafting tour or better known as rafting.

Adventure Bali offering white water rafting / rafting with professional service low fares. This professional service begins with a reception at the starting point. Rafting participants will be greeted with the following friendly tea served warm (morning tea) to warm up.
While enjoying morning tea, participants will be asked to register on the register form that have been prepared. It is related to insurance, because rafting on our site have been covered by personal accident insurance.
While rafting equipment such as wearing life jackets and helmets, participants will be given a briefing about rafting rafting, safety and code requirements or the language in rafting. Please select a life jacket and helmet in the size of the body in order to feel comfortable while rafting. Participants were also given information and instructions on the Ayung River that will be passed through to the finish point.
Luggage rafting participants such as bags, clothes and others can dititip in reception and will be escorted to the finish point by officer rafting. If bringing a camera, mobile phone and other goods have been supplied water proof bag is available in the raft boat. Next we headed down the river through the stairs.
Safety and comfort in this adventure tour is an absolute must. Before you start to rafting, participants will be given a briefing on how to hold the handle again, how paddling and rafting subsequently accompanied by an experienced guide.
Promo Special discount citizen / Kitas Holder:
Price only Rp. US $30 / person
Children (under 10 years): US $25/ child

Price includes:

- Indonesian Lunch Buffet
- Insurance
- Safety Equipment Rafting with international standards
- Shower and Change Room
- towels
- Experienced and friendly Guide
That should be taken:
- Clothing dressing
- Cash Money for the purchase of drinks, photos etc.
- Camera
- Sport shoes or sandals