Underwater world of Indonesia, especially Bali is beautiful. No wonder the diver / divers volunteered to fly all the way to Bali to enjoy the paradise of our underwater world. Enjoy the underwater scenery / under water does have its own preoccupations, we can interact with fish colorful, free-living, looking at the coral reef. We Indonesian people should enjoy the underwater world that we have, without having to know how to swim to snorkel or scuba diving. Precisely in Bali Sanur Beach and in Indonesia only in Bali, there are marine tourism roads under the sea, known as Sea Walker.
bali sea walker
sewalker bali
jalan-jalan di laut

To enjoy this tour, we do not necessarily have to know how to swim, scuba or diving, just enough intention and desire. Because, to enjoy this marine tourism, we simply wear a specially designed helmet fed pure oxygen. White helmet that looks like astronaut helmets we see on television, air powered pontoon supplied by Sea Walker. Oxygen air continues to flow into the Sea Walker helmet and breathe like you were on the mainland. Even though you wear glasses or lenses can still enjoy these games, you also do not even wet hair, great .. is not it? Sea Walker helmet is designed for ages 7 years and over, as if the child is under the age of 7 years or less of the body than normal children aged 7 years, will not be able to wear this. The helmet is heavy on land that is less than 32 kg and if it is used in the water or the sea weighs approximately 5 kg.
Arriving at the base of the Sea Walker at Sanur Beach Hotel Sanur, we ask you to register, fill out the form that we have prepared for the benefit of insurance while enjoying sparkling water. Furthermore our instructor team will provide a briefing verbally and visually through layer VCD on television. You will be given the codes to communication with your fingers under the sea, such as squatting, street, silent hand code in place and in OK condition in the sense that you are ready to enjoy this adventure Sea Walker.
bali sea walker
After the briefing, we give you a special shoe for a walk under the sea as well as key locker to put your luggage over the Sea Walker. Once everything is ready, we set out to sea with the boat about 10 minutes until at pontoon. Arriving at the pontoon, the participants will go down to the sea through the steps one by one. The very first participant, when he got on the sea floor that it approximately 3-7 meters, we ask for squat, to avoid the flow of ocean currents. After all the participants fell into the sea, adventure Sea Walker aka the streets on the ocean floor about to begin. We're going to enjoy how beautiful the world is God's creation. Our instructors will always accompany during this activity. Stay calm and closeness you feel with this natural life. Approximately 30 minutes after the dive, we will be invited to ascend to the pontoon and then taken back by boat to the mainland to enjoy lunch in the hotel restaurant Puri Santrian. Total time we need for this activity began to pick up from the back to the hotel about 4 hours. Advised to follow a morning trip that I'll be nice and clear water.
   Seawalker Option 1    Adult
  Child 9 - 11 th
RP 625.000 / person
Rp.575.000 / person
   Seawalker Option 2    Adult
  Child 9 - 11 th
RP 545.000 /person
Rp.475.000 / person

Walker Price Option 1 includes:
Shuttle vehicle location with full air conditioning, appliances with international safety standards, life insurance, showers and dressing rooms, lunch, mineral water, professional instructor, as well as the use of towels.
Price Walker Option 2 includes:
Equipment with international safety standards, life insurance, showers and changing rooms, mineral water, professional instructors, as well as the use of towels.
Pick up time: 7:15 to 07:30 hours, 08:15 to 08:30 hours, 09:15 to 09:30 hours

     Price applies to domestic travelers, ID card holder, KIMS or Permit
     Price only valid for minimum 2 people
     Hotel shuttle service only applies to travelers who stay at the hotel area of ​​Kuta (Legian, Tuban), Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Sanur. Outside the area will be charged a fee